Paving is part of our everyday lives and no matter where we go it is all around us. Paving creates surfaces for us to walk on, drive on, and sometimes to show the way. It is used in parking areas at airports, take away restaurants, drive through, sidewalks, and even at certain traffic junctions. Brick size 222x106x55

Brick paving

Brick paving is mostly referred to as a type of paving that reminds us of building bricks.

Traffic Lights Paving

Paving of Traffic lights areas beautifies a city.

Driveway Paving

Driveway paving also sometimes known as curb appeal is the part of our homes we pave where cars would make use of it. There are many different ways of using driveway pavers and the most obvious is the pathway leading up to the garage or parking areas.

Patio Paving

Patio paving can be done in almost any way imaginable. Our patios are inside or outside areas where we will either have recreational activities or the back yard.

Pool Paving

What would a pool be without nice looking paving? Pool paving like many other types of paving enhances the look and appeal of the area and of course, keeps a lot of dirt from ending up in the pool

Walkway Paving

Walkway paving also referrers to pavements in and around cities and neighborhoods. It is done to add easy access and walking surfaces to areas where people might walk. It is also ideal for cycling surfaces and almost all inner-city walking areas are completely paved. This allows for easy cleaning and maintenance and adds to the beautification of areas.

Entrance Paving

The effect of entrance paving is possibly best experienced with the entrances to buildings like hotels and other prominent areas. By paving the entrance to your home you can create a look and design that suits the style of your home.

Commercial Paving

Commercial paving includes paving of all public areas that include semi-public areas such as complexes, holiday resorts, inner-city, neighborhoods, and any area which supports a bigger than normal amount of traffic and people. Paving these areas assists greatly in the upkeep and maintenance of public areas and due to the nature of paving lasts for a very long time.

Industrial Paving

Industrial paving is used in areas where the traffic volume is very high and also has to be able to handle the weight of large trucks and goods. The type of paving mainly used is interlocking pavers as their design allows for weight and volume without breaking apart. You would see industrial paving in areas like loading docks, intersections, and large parking areas.

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